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OEM Capabilities
Hotop is silicone hose factory which can custom your silicone hose with your design and other requirement, Hotop silicone hose factory has the following silicone hose OEM capabilities

Engineering Capacity

  • Study and analysis customers information input such as 2D drawing, 3D model, silicone hose part idea, silicone hose samples, sometimes they are only pictures and single text description, and other requirement.
  • If the customers information do not include 2D drawing and 3D model, Hotop silicone factory engineering will develop customers information to 2D drawing and 3D model.
  • Hotop silicone hose factory also recognize and identify silicone hose test requirement
  • 2D drawing and 3D model and test requirement, we also call them silicone hose specification. of course the specification also include the customer other requirement such as color and logo marking etc.
  • Check with the customers with above 2D drawing and 3D model, test requirement and color and logo marking.
  • After customers approve specification, hotop silicone hose factory engineering will develop them to tooling design, BOM (bill of material), process work instructure
  • Build FAI(first artical inspection) sample to customers for approval
  • Transfer production information to silicone hose manufacture team

Quality Assurance Capacity

  • Set up quality assurance system per ISO9001 standard requirement.
  •  Create silicone hose checking document per customer silicone hose specification
  •  Create silicone material and silicone hose test process and requirement and specification
  • Design and build checking fixture help to check silicone hose part

Production Capacity

  • Mill machine Mill silicone rubber, 600 Kg per day
  • Calander machine Calander fabric & silicone 800 M2 per day
  • Punch machine Punch all kinds of fabric & rubber sheet 3000 EA per day
  • Oven cure machine Oven cure 600 EA per day
  • 30 People 200 EA per day
  • Tooling fabrication as need
  • Tooling leadtime 2-6 weeks

SCM Capacity

  • Purchase silicone and other relative material per bill of material requirement
  • Purchase silicone hose handling toolings and auxiliary fixtures

OEM is about teamwork.

Hinqi silicone hose works closely with each individual customer to take customer needs, expertise and input into account. We then combine this with our extensive knowledge and OEM capabilities to apply the best solution to help customer succeed in business goals. We firmly believe that both parties benefit from this partnership.

Hinqi silicone hose factory have become the preferred partner for several on- and off-road vehicle manufacturers. We are proud to announce that our silicone hose are created for famous automobile brand such as Honda,Toyata,Gerneral, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen

We believe that our success isn’t derived from only one factor, but is the sum of many things we’ve done right over the years. We base our achievement and our vast OEM capabilities on the core values win-win.

Silicone hose technology know-how

Hinqi silicone hose has years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality silicone hose for vehicles and other professional application. We have our own in-house R&D department, modern silicone hose testing labs, and also the latest in simulation software, which enables us to design and develop products according to our standards. We have the best product developers and engineers, who are constantly creating new and innovative world-class silicone hose solutions. To supply you with exactly the right product, we provide services like silicone hose and 3D simulations, optimal positioning of silicone hose and give recommendations for silicone hose performace and suitable working condition.


We believe in possessing a curious and open mindset. This attitude fosters a culture where people are respected and encouraged to boldly exchange ideas and work together on groundbreaking innovations. It’s ok to make mistakes, and in fact, there are no mistakes, only lessons to be learned.