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Silicone Air Ducting

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Иҷрои силикон шланг

High temperature silicone double layer air duct hose


Spiral: Spring steel wire
Wall: Silicon coated glass fiber fabric
Тақвият: Glass fiber cord

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High-Temperature Flexible Silicone Air Duct is different from other common types of silicone hoses in the same material due to its long lifetime, high quality . It is a kind of High temperature duct, flame retardant, chemical resistance, working under very high temperature, It is also used in different industry. Hotop air ducting is constructed with Double-layer of silicone coated glass fiber fabric which makes it extremely good heat resistance.The silicone air ducting hose is ideal for transmission hot and cold air,exhausting gas,сохтани муҳаррикҳо,engine Warming,aircraft construction and military construction. Its working temp range is from -55℃ to +260℃.

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