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  • Teknik Özellikler

Performance Flexible Silicone Corrugated Convoluted rubber hose

Hotop Silicone Flexible Convoluted and Corrugated Hose consists of 3-4 layers of polyester reinforced and a galvanized steel wire helix running inside the wall of the hose.This silicone hose is very flexible that can be fitted by bending the hose in various directions and is resistant to exceptional “positive” and “negative” Pressure. It’s ideal for fitments where there is a lot of misalignment between mating parts (or heavy flexing/ 3-axial movement). The reinforced fiber of this Flexible helix hose option could be aramid for higher temp and the number of the layers can be increased/decreased as per the working conditions.

Teknik Özellikler

  • High Performance

  • Meets and exceeds SAEJ20 Class A and SAE J2006-R3 industry standards

  • Yüksek kalite & dayanıklılık

  • The inner lining is available for FVMQ

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