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HOTOP silicone hose factory has professional silicone hose manufacture equipment, we can do silicone hose material preparation, silicone hose molding, and final processing such as silicone hose logo printing, silicone hose package.

As an excellent silicone hose manufacturer, HOTOP silicone hose factory plant covers an area of about 1,000 square meters. The overall plant layout is reasonable, the logistics is smooth, and there are various conventional standard equipment and various specialized equipment, which are the basis for manufacturing silicone hoses.


HOTOP manager the people stability and enthusiasm, purchase high-standard silicone hoses material in order to produce high-quality silicone hose, HOTOP silicone hose factory can continuously and stably produce various types of high-quality silicone hoses for customers

As a silicone hose factory, HOTOP have an advantage such as silicone hose factory price, prompt and reliable before and after-sale service, valuable silicone hose technology support