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HOTOP has a 1,000-square-meter factory building and 25 sets of equipment specialized in the production of silicone hoses. The number of workers in the factory is stable at 20-35. The average daily production of various silicone hoses is 300 pieces, and the monthly production capacity is about 6,000 pieces.

The main equipment of HOTOP is a milling machine, calender, forming machine, straight pipe machine, hump hose machine, trimming machine, pipe cutting machine, logo printing machine, mold marking machine, vulcanization oven, de-molding machine, and other very professional and complete silicone hose manufacture equipment.

HOTOP’s human resources mainly include skilled workers, engineers, technicians, quality inspectors, and so on. We have been engaged in the production and design of silicone hoses for many years. They are very familiar with the characteristics, process, and performance of silicone and silicone hoses. They all have very rich production experience and are a valuable wealth of HOTOP silicone hoses.

HOTOP has established a complete production system, from order conversion to work order, material delivery and preparation, performing and forming, vulcanization and secondary vulcanization, trimming and printing, and other post-processing work, have established corresponding process documents and Operating manuals and standards, able to complete customer orders very stably and with high quality.

HOTOP’s business is mainly OEM/ODM. According to the needs of customers and various performance requirements, Hotop produces qualified silicone hoses that meet or exceed the standards.

Hotop silicone hose works closely with each individual customer to take customer needs, expertise and input into account. We then combine this with our extensive knowledge and OEM capabilities to apply the best solution to help customer succeed in business goals. We firmly believe that both parties benefit from this partnership.

Hotop silicone hose factory have become the preferred partner for several on- and off-road vehicle manufacturers. We are proud to announce that our silicone hose are created for famous automobile brand such as Honda,Toyata,Gerneral, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen

We believe that our success isn’t derived from only one factor, but is the sum of many things we’ve done right over the years. We base our achievement and our vast OEM capabilities on the core values win-win.