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Straight Silicone Hose Machine


It is common and basic machine for silicone hose manufacturer, it is semi-automatic machine to build straight silicone hose, Made by straight silicone hose machine, the straight silicone hose surface texture is uniform and smooth as machine is stable wrapping during press silicone with cellophane(cellophane is a film which wrapped on silicone hose during vulcanization).

And as the machine have stable pressure to silicone hose, silicone hose inside surface is smooth.

Staight silicone hose machine is also used for pre-form silicone hoses, it can help reduce hours to manufacture silicone, the machine can press all air out and ensure silicone hose quality.

Staight silicone hose machine parameter is relatively fixed, but if manufacture very big and very small diameter silicone hose, we need adjust the parameter to ensure and stablize the silicone hose manufacture.

straight silicone hose machine

straight silicone hose machine

straight silicone hose machine parameter

straight silicone hose machine parameter

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