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HOTOP silicone hose has years of experience in developing and manufacturing high quality silicone hose for vehicles and other professional application. We have our own in-house R&D department, modern silicone hose testing labs, and also the latest in simulation software, which enables us to design and develop products according to our standards. We have the best product developers and engineers, who are constantly creating new and innovative world-class silicone hose solutions. To supply you with exactly the right product, we provide services like silicone hose and 3D simulations, optimal positioning of silicone hose and give recommendations for silicone hose performace and suitable working condition.

  • Study and analysis customers information input such as 2D drawing, 3D model, silicone hose part idea, silicone hose samples, sometimes they are only pictures and single text description, and other requirement.
  • If the customers information do not include 2D drawing and 3D model, Hotop silicone factory engineering will develop customers information to 2D drawing and 3D model.
  • Hotop silicone hose factory also recognize and identify silicone hose test requirement
  • 2D drawing and 3D model and test requirement, we also call them silicone hose specification. of course the specification also include the customer other requirement such as color and logo marking etc.
  • Check with the customers with above 2D drawing and 3D model, test requirement and color and logo marking.
  • After customers approve specification, hotop silicone hose factory engineering will develop them to tooling design, BOM (bill of material), process work instructure
  • Build FAI(first artical inspection) sample to customers for approval
  • Transfer production information to silicone hose manufacture team