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HOTOP establish quality management system with ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.

HOTOP have the following to ensure the stable quality silicone hoses:

  • Mateial: Purchase qulified material and not change the mateiral for more then 10 years, these materials have been verified by the modified car marked in European and American countries, HOTOP regularly tests the physical properties of these materials. HOTOP also manufacture silicone hoses per customers requirement which are exceed normal silicone hose requirement.
  • Process:HOTOP has establish stable process to manufacture silicone hoses, HOTOP has an opereation manual for a certain type of product, as well as specific parameters and data for specific products, hotop has documented these technologies and will update these documents according to specifica situations.
  • Trainning, HOTOP have official process to train new people to build manufacture silicone hose
  • Inspection, HOTOP also establish silicone hose standard and inpect silicone hoses during manufacture.