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Silicone Hose Test


(1) Water explosion test: The hose is filled with boiling water of critical 100 degrees. After shaking for 12 hours, the inside is gradually pressurized to see how much pressure will blast. International standard value: working pressure 2.5~3.5MPA.

(2) Pulse Strike Test: Simulate the movement of the hose to intermittently enter the hose, and see how many times the hose will be damaged. Standard value: 200,000 times.

(3) Appearance inspection: smooth appearance, smooth lines, bright color, and luster. This is the appearance characteristic of raw materials without doping.

(4) Scratch the surface with your hand to see if it will scrape off the white powdery substance. After scraping, the product can not be restored, and the appearance has obvious scratches.

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