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Stable Process


As a silicone hose factory which can stably supply high quality silicone hose, hotop setup process instructions to encure stable process per ISO9001 requirement.

Hotop process instructions include drawing, creation date, process desciption, process picturer, cure and over cure parameter, update history, some issues and solution.

Hotop process instrucitons is to define and record all process, hinqi also use process instructions to train new people. as silicone hose are people handing technical, hinqi also use video to help to record and show the process.

Hotop benefit from stable process instructions and it also contributes to hotop silicone hose customer. Hotop can supply stable quality silicone stable which are from perfect process instructions and stable people staff.

Hotop is proud that Hotop can stably supply high quality silicone hose, hotop will continue to execute good and stable process instructions.

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