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Using Good Radiator Hose from Hotop


The radiator is one of the most important devices in your car because it keeps the engine at its nominal operating temperature, which is typically between 195 and 220 degrees Fahrenheit (90 and 105 degrees Celsius). Radiator hoses circulate coolant from the radiator to parts of the engine that need to stay cool. Over time, radiator hoses can weaken. If they are not replaced when necessary, they can completely collapse, causing the engine to overheat and unable to run. In extreme cases, a collapsed hose can cause the engine to burst.

Hotop supplies lower and upper radiator silicone hose. This hose is combining high grade silicone and 4 layers reinforced of polyester or Nomex, which withstands higher temperature and pressure than OEM hoses. The temperature range is from -55 to 230 degrees and meet the radiator high temp. condition.

So just choose the silicone hose to replace your traditional rubber hoses for your vehicles.

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