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Silicone Elbow Hose Tube


Pressures with good temperature and corrosion resistance. At high temperatures, Hotop silicone elbow hose coupler can be used in vehicles and in the industrial sector.

It can be used in cooling and heating systems in buses, coaches, lorries and industrial vehicles, cooling systems in the cogeneration units and marine engines, and transport of high temperature fluids in general industry.

It is recommended for connections in areas with limited space.

Product features:

– with excellent compressibility

– good bendability and flexibility during assembly.

– the color and length of this elbow can be custom made according to the customer’s needs.

– with good temperature resistance, operating temperature from 60 degrees C (- 75 F) to + 180 degrees C (+356 F).In short time, the temperature can reach 200 degrees C (+392 F)

-Oxidation resistance, anti UV performance and aging resistance.

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