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Silicone Hose Usage


Silicone Hoses Usage
Hotop Silicone Hoses are used in professionals industries such as high performance racing vehicles, commercial truck and bus, Marine, agricultural and off highway vehicles, turbo diesel, food and beverage, and general manufacturing industries.
Hotop is silicone hoses factory which can custom siliconerubber hoses with your design and specification.

silicone hoses usage







Hotop silicone hoses are widely applied to auto performance, heavy duty truck, coachbus, marine, industrial, constuction, especially for the following systems
● CAC(Charge Air Cooler system) cool side and hot side
● Coolant system hose raditor uppper and lower(inlet and outlet)
● Turbo changer systemhigher temperaature turbo charger application

silicone hose usage

silicone hose usage

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